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Byte me!

Remember all those grannies struggling with dial-up connections to get online?

That was the image, at any rate – and it was particularly prevalent in the early years of the Internet. There was a tech revolution, and the “old folks” were being left behind. They didn’t understand the new technology, and were very slow to adopt it. Meanwhile, the kids were swiftly moving from new device to new device, new app to new app. They were the market to go after!

Was that ever true? Is it true today?

Too many marketers still base their strategies on that assumption. But it’s clearly out of date. Today, the Zoomer (45+) market is the largest force in the digital marketplace*, in terms of both usage and spending:

  • 10 million Canadian Zoomers ® visited websites in the past month
  • 7.6 million are now on Facebook (that’s about three quarters of all Zoomers who are online)
  • 1.8 million own tablets or e-readers – that’s 42% more than adults 18-34 and 11% more than a dults 25-44
  • 28% accessed the Internet via mobile devices in the past month

Not only is the overall usage huge, so is the usage relating specifically to product research and spending. Zoomers are active seekers of information on products and services, and spend more money online ($1.3 billion) than any other age group. They’re also more responsive to online marketing: according to Social Code, Facebook users over the age of 50 are 28.2% more likley to click on an advertisement than 18-20 year old users. (It may be partly because the “older” consumers have a lot more disposable income.)
Some bottom lines to think about:

  • You wouldn’t operate your digital marketing with obsolete technology. Why should you run it with obsolete strategies?
  • The Zoomer generation has embraced digital communication. Bu this isn’t a “tech” story – it’s a marketing story. It means the Zoomers have moved their undisputed economic clout into the digital world. If you’re not present in that world, you’re turning your back on hundreds of millions of dollars of spending and market share (maybe a lot more).
  • That said, you also have to consider the nature of your message itself.
    • Is it framed specifically for the Zoomer audience? (You can’t just run the same creative and hope it will work.)
    • Does it focus your product or service advantages into messaging that is relevant to Zoomers?
    • Are you taking maximum advantage of the opportunities for polling, interactivity, and in particular, peer-to-peer social media strategies that use Zoomers to talk to Zoomers.

It isn’t just a question of reach, or even platform. ZoomerMedia can help make your messaging itself more relevant, and place it in an environment that is more favorable.

It would be a sad irony, wouldn’t it, if the tech itself kept moving on…but your strategy didn’t.

Today's Factoid


That's how many Zoomers plan to purchase a home in the next 12 months. It's more than any other age group. Source: Vividata Spring 2021