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Can the Zoomers save car sales?



In July, Canadian car manufacturers racked up their 17th consecutive month of…


Total light vehicle sales (passenger cars plus light trucks) were down 1.0% from July, 2018, while year-to-date was down 4.8%. If you look only at passenger cars, sales were down 16.8% for the month, year over year, and down 15.3% year-to-date.

Industry commentators and spokesmen were able to put a positive spin on the numbers, noting that sales were on track to hit 1.8+ million units for the year, which showed “stability” in the industry. At ZoomerU, we accept their expertise as to what the trends are and what they mean, but we can’t help wondering if it isn’t time — yet again — for the marketing folks to reconsider who they’re targeting.

Specifically, it’s time to accept that the Millennials — who feature most prominently in almost all auto advertising — cannot contribute to sales increases, while the Zoomer customers (age 45-plus) emphatically can.

Zoomers account for more than half of all Canadians who are planning to buy a new (as opposed to used) car in the next 12 months. They drive the most, and spend the most of their cars. Yet who do you see in the commercials?

The numbers are crystal clear, and we’ve compiled the most important of them into a special report, Can the Zoomers Save Car Sales? It clearly demonstrates how auto marketers can get a lot more mileage out of their campaigns.

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That's how many Zoomers plan to purchase a home in the next 12 months. It's more than any other age group. Source: Vividata Spring 2021