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Cannabis: The Consumers Weigh In

cannabis-the-consumers-weigh-inThe majority of media coverage on Canada’s legalization of adult use cannabis has been on the business side. First, years of speculation – and predictions – on if and when cannabis would be legalized, what the regulations would be, what it would mean from a business and financial standpoint.

Post legalization the coverage focused mainly on the corporate structuring of the industry, lotteries for retail licenses, issues of supply, mergers and acquisitions and estimates of future earnings and market share.

But the consumer perspective, a crucial element in developing strategy in any industry, was largely overlooked.

What are consumer perceptions and misconceptions about cannabis?

What are their attitudes toward, and behaviors around usage?

Are there logical ways to segment the market?

From a health and wellness perspective:

How will cannabis impact the use of other health products, treatments and prescriptions?

What other products or services are they looking for?

What role does the medical industry play in the uptake of Cannabis?

All of these questions – and more – were addressed in a unique presentation held on October 24 at ZoomedMedia.

Pat Pellegrini, President and CEO of Vividata, presented the findings of a detailed survey of over 5,000 consumers, their perceptions, attitudes and behaviors.

David Cravit, Vice President of ZoomerU, showed highlights of a video focus group in which older consumers – those most likely to be using cannabis for medicinal purposes – talked about their attitudes and expectations.

This event provided those in the cannabis industry (for example, marketers of prescription and OTC pain relief remedies) a unique perspective into what’s happening among the most important – yet least reported – players in the cannabis marketplace: the consumers themselves.

Watch the entire event here.


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